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NIGHT: Hydrating Cream

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We wanted to give you the power of restoring moisture levels while you sleep. (what girl doesn’t like to multi-task!?) We are are pretty stoked with the result.

Our NIGHT formula is bursting with bio active ingredients to not only hydrate but also strengthen and protect your skin, giving it everything it needs and zero of what it doesn’t.

One such ingredient is Beech Bud Extract. This powerful antioxidant is a unique organic active which increases the health of the epidermis, stimulates the skin and also acts as an antiseptic.

It’s also great at boosting protein synthesis, which helps retain water through an osmotic effect which directly results in increased moisture. (hello softer, smoother feeling skin).

Oh! And we even added Sunflower Seed oil which improves your skin’s moisture retention capacity. So, while adding moisture, NIGHT is also helping to retain moisture in your skin. (there we go… multi-tasking again!)

Our NIGHT formula also includes the same awesome form of Vitamin C the DAY has. 


At night, after applying the BRIGHTENING SERUM and giving it a few minutes to penetrate into the skin, apply 1 pump of NIGHT all over the face, avoiding the eye area. (now, go catch some Z’s)